Saturday, March 15, 2008

Storyboard 2

After I almost gave up, and before I made any further animation, I knew I had to fix the story. This required me to make difficult but necessary decisions.
First, if I really wanted to finish the project then it should be shorter, cause doing animation on your own is very demanding, so I made it last one minute. It also was a "commercial" decision, cause this way I could send it to shortfims AND filminute festivals.
Then I got rid of the second passenger-cat. It was a tough decision cause I was kinda in love with him, but I realized that his part took precious seconds and was a distraction from the main story.
I wasn't really happy with the first ending - here the cat gets into the bathroom, and when he sits back, the other cat accidentally splashes his trousers, so the stewardess thinks he peed his trousers. If the fat cat was gone, the only way make it possible was that the cat asked for another drink and splashed himself, but if this happened, the stewardess was there and she knew that it was an accident... the story was getting longer and more complicated. So I decided that he never entered the bathroom.
As I started to make the animation, I kept taking out some situations that are shown in this version but never make it to the final version. Anyway, this was almost the final story.
When I saw this test or animatic, I was happy cause the story was clearer and hadn’t lost its humor.
The next step: making the production, I mean, the final animation... a hard task, indeed!

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