Saturday, March 15, 2008

Storyboard 1

I believe that the creative process can be (and most of the time is) chaotic. I mean, sometimes a great idea appears the moment that you are paying the account at the supermarket, and you can, and should, use the receipt to write or draw what you just thought, because maybe if you wait until later, it will lose its magic, or worse, you could forget it.
Also, I find it easier to make doodles, so I can focus on the idea instead of worrying about the aesthetics, form, proportions, etc.
This story was made on the other side of a xeroxed Softimage XSI manual. That's funny cause it kinda made a stand about my current interest in animation. I drew the story of my first hand-drawn short film on the manual of a 3d application :)
As you can see, its very loose and hard to figure for anyone besides me, but that was the idea - to let it be as organic, fluid and spontaneous as possible, so that later I could make it more concrete. To let the right side of the brain do the magic and then the left one make the adjustments.

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