Saturday, March 15, 2008

Scene 2 Pencil Test

After the first test, I kept my idea of making these pencil/motion tests. This time I had a block that was a little bigger (thanks to Diana), but I kept drawing and not paying much attention to the details. At this point, I started to have doubts upon the direction of my film - I didn't know if it was the right one. I mean, I got a little discouraged when I saw both of those tests. I thought that the story of the short was missing and that it didn't made sense. So I showed it to No, Ángelo and María to see what they thought and, well, they had mixed opinions. All of them loved the movement, but Ángelo told me that I had already accomplished my mission: to prove that I could make pencil animation. María told me that I couldn’t complete the project only in pencil; "People will ask you, 'When are you gonna finish it?' trust me". And No said "Finish it, you have started, go ahead, fix it and finish it". Those were hard times for me, I felt discouraged, like a failure, and I almost gave up. However, I talked with Diana and it cleared my mind, so I made the decision to finish it.
María told me that I shouldn't keep making the pencil tests. Pencil tests can help if you have many people making the film, but as I was the only animator, director, messenger (hehe), etc., she said I should stop, as I would be drawing the film twice - once for the test and once for the actual animation on the actual paper size. I had my doubts, but her arguments made sense, so I started to make the final animation.

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