Monday, June 09, 2008

Night Mare

This is the short-short film that I've made for the Monster Jam contest. The music, as usual is from my friend Alejandro Guarin.
For this time, I've tried something different, so I used a tool that was not made for animation, but I found it really helpful when it comes to expression. This tool is ArtRage.
I've used it already to paint the backgrounds of my other short film "Gatin A Bordo" (Kitty On Board), but this time I've used it to draw everything.
So what I did was, first I drew the pencil test to check the movement. Since ArtRage have no such thing as "frames" I drew a frame in a layer, then I created a new layer, and changed the alpha of the layer below, and so on. Then I exported it as .psd and then I imported it to Flash, as frames.
When I was happy with the result, I started to draw the final look.
Then I repeated the process again with the final drawings... exporting as .psd, importing to flash.
Finally, I exported every frame as .jpg, imported it on After Effects as footage, in order to have the best render settings.
Well, It was seems like a long technical process, but I'm happy with the result, and after all, it was only 10 seconds...
The quality is not good on youtube, but on mytoons it looks better.