Thursday, December 31, 2009

Star Wars Uncut #349

Esta es la escena que hicimos con Juan Manuel Urbina. Es parte de Star Wars Uncut, un proyecto abierto para recrear escena por escena la película.

This is the scene we made with Juan Manuel Urbina. Is part of Star Wars Uncut, which is an open project to remake the original picture scene by scene.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Reseña de "Gatín a Bordo" (Review on "Kitty on Board")

La más importante revista de diseño de Colombia, Proyecto Diseño, hizo una reseña sobre el corto "Gatín a Bordo" y su actual participación en el concurso de mytoons . Para votar por el corto, pueden ir aquí.
The most important design magazine of Colombia, Proyecto Diseño, has made a review about the short-film "Gatín a Bordo" (Kitty on Board), and its current participation on the "Get With The Times" contest, from mytoons. You can go and vote here.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Night Mare

This is the short-short film that I've made for the Monster Jam contest. The music, as usual is from my friend Alejandro Guarin.
For this time, I've tried something different, so I used a tool that was not made for animation, but I found it really helpful when it comes to expression. This tool is ArtRage.
I've used it already to paint the backgrounds of my other short film "Gatin A Bordo" (Kitty On Board), but this time I've used it to draw everything.
So what I did was, first I drew the pencil test to check the movement. Since ArtRage have no such thing as "frames" I drew a frame in a layer, then I created a new layer, and changed the alpha of the layer below, and so on. Then I exported it as .psd and then I imported it to Flash, as frames.
When I was happy with the result, I started to draw the final look.
Then I repeated the process again with the final drawings... exporting as .psd, importing to flash.
Finally, I exported every frame as .jpg, imported it on After Effects as footage, in order to have the best render settings.
Well, It was seems like a long technical process, but I'm happy with the result, and after all, it was only 10 seconds...
The quality is not good on youtube, but on mytoons it looks better.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I´m like in a rut with George, so I began to draw jimmy, I guess its easier for me.

George Liquor Background

This is my fisrt attempt with trees (I mean TREE).

Friday, May 23, 2008

George Liquor 2

I was not satisfied with my aproach at George, so I decided to make more attempts. These ones are almost in chronological order, and show the evolution of my understanding on the construction.
I feel more comfortable now, since I´m more loose on my drawings.